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Here's what some of our clients have to say about Caption IT, LLC:

"Our company has partnered with Caption IT for over six years to provide live captioning for webcasts. Caption IT supports our events for government, association, and corporate clients. I have always found their service to be timely, of high quality, and very professional. (Your Staff) are consummate professionals and have made my job easier for several years because you understand the needs of my clients and our business. I would recommend Caption IT to any company that is looking for a strategic partner for online communications solutions."



"As a large consumer of captioning and transcription work, we rely on Caption IT, LLC to caption our most challenging audio content. We have been consistently impressed with the quality and reliability of their work even during periods of high volume. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch captioning."



"Thank you so much for your outstanding quality, service and competitive pricing. You have greatly contributed to the success of our Real-time Transcript offering and we hope to continue working together into the future."



"When you first contacted us last year, I was struck by your patience and flexibility in gathering our business requirements, which are unusually strict and unique to the captioning world, given our unique client base. Following our initial conversations, our team was impressed by your diligence in developing a solution to meet our needs. Most importantly, your quality of work has been superior."



"Based on our evaluation (which has been detailed, to say the least), Caption IT, LLC is an excellent captioning supplier."



"We depend on Caption IT, LLC to caption our most difficult work and are extremely impressed with their quality and professionalism."



"As a provider of live, captioned webcasts for high profile corporate clients and Government agencies, we demand the highest quality services from our captions provider. Caption IT's accuracy and excellence, as well as their friendly and responsive staff, have made them the foremost choice to meet our high expectations."

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