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Creating Accessibility Solutions



  • Live Captioning

    • Webcasts​

    • TV Broadcasts

    • Meetings/Conferences

  • CART

    • Remote CART services for classes, meetings, conferences

  • Post-Production Captioning

    • On-Demand Videos/Events

    • TV Broadcasts


  • Transcription for meetings, events, and conferences

  • Transcription of your video or audio files

  • Timecoded Transcripts

    • ​We create a fully synchronized ​​caption file for your on-demand event


  • Foreign Language Document Translation

  • Caption files translated

  • Inquire for pricing and turnaround times


Caption IT, LLC, located in Green Bay, WI, has over two decades of experience in the captioning industry. We are a full service captioning agency offering realtime, offline, and post production captioning as well as transcription and translation services. We have nationally certified captioners and staff located across the nation, in all time zones, to best meet our clients' needs.

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